Hormone replacement therapy


Menopause. If we are to use a simpler language, we are talking about the reduction, genetically programmed, of the function of the ovaries. This is a normal state of the body like puberty. Sooner or later, any woman goes through this condition. In certain conditions, however, menopause may not worsen the quality of life.

It is important to know how menopause begins. Natural menopause (that is the one that is not caused by ovarian removal or drug treatment) does not develop overnight. Usually, the first signs of menopause approach begin to appear a few years before the complete termination of menstruation. Usually, the matter is about:

lista royalIrregular menstruation, with delays.

lista royalIt lasts longer and is more abundant.

lista royalBuffs, redness of the face, excessive sweating.

lista royalOutrage and discomfort in the vagina.

lista royalInsomnia.

lista royalFrequent changes of mood, illness or depression.

lista royalAnxiety sensation, restless for no apparent reason.

lista royalBlood pressure disorders.

Because menopause is not considered a disease, it is not necessary to talk about a special treatment. However, if the woman wants to feel normal during this period, she must be careful to maintain her hormonal level. In addition, during menopause it is important to monitor your nutrition (to get enough vitamin D, calcium, as well as other vitamins and minerals), at the same time, physical activity is required. It is necessary to continue to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy, as this can occur even in the first stage of menopause.

Delay in installing menopause

The most effective way to delay the onset of menopause is hormone replacement therapy. Many of our women are cautious of hormones in general, but also of hormone replacement therapy in particular.

They have fears that with their administration they may gain excess weight and that the hair on the face and body will grow excessively. Generally, hearing the word "hormones", women refuse hormone replacement therapy. But in vain, of course, there are also non-hormonal drugs that can fight various manifestations of menopause syndrome. With their help can reduce the frequency and severity of buffets, improved mood, but also sleep, can be applied therapy for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. But in this case different medicines must be administered, each of them correcting only one deviation. The cause of all these disorders is the same - lack of female sex hormones - estrogen. And it is much more effective to fight the cause, and not with the effect, ie to compensate for the lack of hormones.


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