Preparing for the pregnancy

The pregnancy must be a desired one, but it is best to be planned. This approach will allow you to minimize all risks to the health of the mother and child. You need to start pregnancy planning with your gynecologist visit. The doctor will examine the woman's medical record and find out all about previous pregnancies, abortions, contraception methods, previously suffered diseases, but also about existing ones. After the examination, the gynecologist will give the woman indications for medical tests and examinations, and in case of suspecting a health problem, she will advise her to visit the necessary specialists (endocrinologist, surgeon, allergist, etc.).

Women who intend to conceive a child are advised to do the following tests:

lista royalgeneral and biochemical blood analyses;

lista royalanalysis for blood group determination and Rh factor (both spouses);

lista royalgeneral analysis of urine;

lista royalblood smears and blood tests for genital infections: PCR (chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, candidiasis, moniliasis) - both spouses;

lista royalblood for antibodies against rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes, CMV, chlamydia, HIV, RW, hepatitis B and C viruses;

lista royalblood test for blood glucose level determination;

lista royalcoagulograma (indicators of blood coagulability);

lista royalcolposcopy (to evaluate the condition of the vagina and cervix);

lista royalecography of pelvic organs (to evaluate the condition of the uterus and ovaries).

In the case of irregular menstrual cycle, problems with conception and previous miscarriages are indicated additional blood tests for sex hormones, tests for thyroid hormones, those of the adrenal gland, immunological tests are prescribed. In case of miscarriage and infertility, a determination of lupus anticoagulant, antibodies against chorionic gonadotropin, anti-phospholipid antibodiesst, TPO antibodies, anti-TSH receptor antibodies, etc., may be prescribed.


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