Treatment of ovarian endometriosis

Endometriosis is the disease in which the cells of the endometrium, that is, the inner layer of the uterine wall, spread outside this layer. The nature of the disease lies in hormonal disturbances in the body.

According to the localization we distinguish endometriosis of the genital organs (internal - in the uterus, where the endometrium "grows" in the myometer) and extragenital (external - endometriosis of the ovaries, uterine tubes and pelvic peritoneum).

Why is endometriosis dangerous?

A characteristic feature of endometriosis is the tendency to spread to surrounding organs and tissues, germination and connection into a single conglomerate. It can grow in mucous membranes, muscle tissue, serum, fibers, skin and even bone. Endometriosis has the ability to metastasize. The spread of its cells is accomplished by the flow of blood or lymph, also occurs as a result of the rupture of the endometrioid cysts.

Diagnosis of endometriosis

The doctor gathers the anamnesis carefully in details and examines the woman, then prescribes the necessary medical examinations:

lista royalgynecologic - in case of suspected endometriosis, the patient should be examined on the eve of menstruation;

lista royalcolposcopy and hysterosalpingoscopy to clarify the location and shape of the affected tissues, obtaining tissue biopsy;

lista royalecography of the small and transabdominal pelvic organs, to find endometriosis foci;

lista royalsometimes - CT or MRI, if there is suspicion of distant outbreaks;

lista royalother types of medical examinations, different in each particular case

Treatment of endometriosis

lista royalIn the case of endometriosis drug treatment, at the initial stage, estrogen-progestogen combination drugs are used that suppress estrogen production and ovulation. Also used is progesterone, antigonadotropic drugs that suppress the production of gonadotropins in the hypothalamus and other drugs.

lista royalSurgical methods are used only for endometriosis of medium and severe severity or in combination with drug treatment. Laparoscopy involves the removal of endometriosis and its consequences (adhesions and cysts). However, 12% of patients require radical surgical treatment of endometriosis (removal of the uterus and ovaries). Such treatment is indicated after 40 years, in case of active progression of the disease.


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